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Program Description

Resurrection CYO Basketball

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Travel Programs

Winter Season


Resurrection CYO will offer a Travel League for our 6th, 7th & 8th grade boys and girls from mid-October through mid-February.  These teams play inter-league games against parishes across Westchester County.  As kids mature, we recognize that children develop at different stages and, in addition, many kids have interests other than CYO basketball.  For this age group, each season we host independent try-outs in mid-September to evaluate and place players on teams where they will (a) be comfortable with the competition, (b) optimize their playing time, and (c) be best positioned to improve their skills. 

With open tryouts there will be reshuffling of rosters.  Depending on the depth of talent in each respective grade, the number of returning players, Resurrection CYO will field two skill levels in each grade in most cases.  (i.e., one 'select' team and two or three competitively equal teams, Red, White & Blue.)  Each team will be placed in the appropriate CYO County division.

Player assessments will be conducted by independent professional coaches and teams will be constructed in consultation with the Resurrection CYO Board.  All children are encouraged to attend so we can establish competitive balance within teams, and so your player has the opportunity to showcase their understanding of the game as well as growth during the off-season.  There are no “cuts.”  If your player does not attend the open tryouts but is registered to play CYO, we will rely on past performance and feedback from past coaches. 

Resurrection CYO aims for fair playing time for each player and we rely on the judgment of our head coaches.  For our 6th, 7th and 8th Grade non-Select teams, player attendance and active participation in practices are requirements for participation in games.   Minimum playing time for these age teams is one quarter.

Players placed on Select teams will be expected to have attendance greater than 90% of all practices and games, including County Playoffs in February.  Individual playing time on 6th, 7th & 8th grade ‘Select’ teams is determined by the coach based on the prevailing circumstances within a particular game.  It is assumed that a player placed on a Select team has the requisite skills for that level and will be able to achieve and succeed with playing time during games. 

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